Did You Make Dua

For More Support From Allah With Your Parenting?

Then THIS Might Be Your Answered Dua

Are You Blessed, But Stressed?

Have You Embraced The Divine Responsibility Upon You To Raise Your Children As Righteous Muslims, But You Feel You Need to Learn more?

Through This Summit,

You Will In Shaa Allah...

  • Learn To Nurture Manners & Character

  • Get Support To Guide Your Children To Participate In Society With Holding Onto Islamic Values

  • Continue With Renewed Intentions & Energy On The Road Of Parenthood Towards The Goal Of Worshipping Allah The Best You Can!

  • Learn To Find The Community Support & Assistance That You Need To Raise Your Children That Allah Entrusted You With.

20+ Talks To Learn From Experts Of Our Ummah

On Parenting, Child Development, Well-Being & more...

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Join The RRM Online Summit To Build The Foundations Of Your Family! 

A Solid & Strong Structure is all you need to become the best parent you can be. The Raising Righteous Muslims Online Summit is here to help you make this happen. During 4 sessions, build the foundations of what we believe are the first steps to take in your parenting journey.

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Why Is This Summit UNIQUE?

  • 4-days FREE Access to Each Session

  • Easy To Follow & Grasp Insights & Tips

  • Knowledge & Reminders From Experienced Educators, Teachers, Parents & Caretaker

  • FREE Bonuses To Take Action

  • Additional Bonuses Available In The LIFE-TIME Access Pass To Go Even Further

A Transformative Experience

  • Knowledge

    Get the knowledge to guide your decisions and actions when it comes to parenting

  • Action

    Take action & truly implement what you have learned

  • Allah

    Put Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala First & trust Him


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After This Summit,

You Will In Shaa Allah Feel...


    with sound knowledge & insights based on the Quran and sunnah


    to successfully handle the challenges & struggles that come with parenting


    to fully embrace & LOVE your role as a parent


  • Is this Summit FREE?

    Each session will be available for FREE during 4 days starting on the 1st of Jumada II (Jan. 14) in shaa Allah. You can purchase the Lifetime Pass for a limited time to access ALL the talks at any time and enjoy additional bonuses.

  • How can I sign up?

    Click on the 'Bismill'Allah' button and create your account to be able to access the videos for FREE in shaa Allah. You can also get the Lifetime Pass for a limited time by clicking on the 'Lifetime Access' button.

  • Is the life-time access worth it?

    We believe in providing affordable products and services for all so we aim at offering the best value for money. The life-time pass will allow you to listen to the talks at your own pace without missing anything & at any time you need to re-boost your parenting. We highly recommend to listen to the talks more than once. You will also get access to more BONUSES in shaa Allah than in the FREE version.